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Table of Contents May 2015
The Welfare State and Moral Sentiments: A Smith-Hayek Critique of the Evolutionary Left by
Hayek Deserves a New Paradigm, Not Old Ideological Categories: Response to Searles by , , and
Same-Sex Marriage and Negative Externalities: A Critique, Replication, and Correction of Langbein and Yost by and
Still No Evidence of Negative Outcomes from Same-Sex Marriage by and
Replications in Economics: A Progress Report by , , and
Classical Liberalism in Australian Economics by
Liberal Economics in Spain by
Liberal Economics in Poland by
The Endangered Classical Liberal Tradition in Lebanon: A General Description and Survey Results by
Classical Liberal Economics in the Ex-Yugoslav Nations by and
Classical Liberalism in the Czech Republic by and
A Beginner’s Guide to Esoteric Reading by

Table of Contents January 2015
In Memoriam: Gordon Tullock
Economists on the Welfare State and the Regulatory State: Why Don’t Any Argue in Favor of One and Against the Other? A Symposium Prologue by
Do Welfare State Liberals Also Love Regulation? by
Yes, There Are Hayekian Welfare States (At Least in Theory) by
The Strange Career of Regulation in the Welfare State by
Two Ideological Ships Passing in the Night by
Differences of Opinion Among Economists About Government and Market Efficacy by
The Moral Narratives of Economists by and
Ideological Differences in Economics: Why Is the Left-Right Divide Widening? by
Unhelpful Abstractions and the Standard View by
Unconventional Confidence Bands in the Literature on the Government Spending Multiplier by
It’s Not a Minsky Moment, It’s a Minsky Era, Or: Inevitable Instability by
Skepticism About Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis: A Comment on Flanders by