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305 Economists Called to Answer Questionnaire on the Pre-Market Approval of Drugs and Devices

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We have created an online questionnaire that queries the respondent about whether the policy of pre-market of approval of drugs and devices has behind it any market-failure rationale. The questionnaire interactively interviews the respondent, making a virtual conversation. The point of the questionnaire is to explore whether anyone can provide a reasonable justification for the policy. This article presents the questionnaire and ethically summons 305 relevant economists to complete the questionnaire. We explain why any conscientious researcher is entitled to issue a summons of this kind, and why the summoned economists may have a responsibility to respond. The responses will be collated and reported (without commentary) in a subsequent issue of EJW.

The ungated interactive questionnaire:

The pdf showing the whole architecture of the questionnaire:


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U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, pre-market approval, drugs, medical devices, market failure
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