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Table of Contents September 2009
Great Apprehensions, Prolonged Depression: Gauti Eggertsson on the 1930s by
The Policy Views of American Economic Association Members: The Results of a New Survey by
Confession of an Economist: Writing to Impress Rather than Inform by
Preference Falsification in Teaching by
Confessions of a College Non-Economizer by
Economic Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Math Gamer, the Anti-Policy Econometrician and the Narrative Political Economist by
A Reply to Daniel Klein on Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand by
The Scottish Tradition in Economic Thought by

Table of Contents May 2009
Occupational Licensing: Scant Treatment in Labor Texts by
Do Economists Believe American Democracy Is Working? by
The Debate on Shall Issue Laws, Continued by
More Guns, Less Crime Fails Again: The Latest Evidence from 1977 – 2006 by
Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand: From Metaphor to Myth by
In Adam Smith’s Invisible Hands: Comment on Gavin Kennedy by
Intellectual Hazard: A Liberal Selection of Quotations by

Table of Contents January 2009
Editorial Notes January 2009
Goldin and Katz and Education Policy Failings in Historical Perspective by
Some Anomalies Arising from Bandwagons that Impart Upward Sloping Segments to Market Demand by
Yet Another Refutation of the More Guns, Less Crime Hypothesis – With Some Help From Moody and Marvell by
Does Economics Have a Gender? by
Rent Control: Do Economists Agree? by
Desperately Seeking Smithians: Responses to the Questionnaire about Building an Identity by