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Table of Contents September 2011
Property: A Bundle of Rights? Prologue to the Property Symposium by
Bundle-of-Sticks Notions in Legal and Economic Scholarship by
Two Cheers for the Bundle-of-Sticks Metaphor, Three Cheers for Merrill and Smith by
Bundle-of-Rights Theory as a Bulwark Against Statist Conceptions of Private Property by
The Regulative Function of Property Rights by
The Property Prism by
The False Promise of the Right to Exclude by
A Bundle Theorist Holds On to His Collection of Sticks by
Potentiality, Actuality, and “Stick”-Theory by
Property Is Not Just a Bundle of Rights by

Table of Contents May 2011
Adam Smith and Liberal Economics: Reading the Minimum Wage Debate of 1795-96 by
Economics Professors’ Favorite Economic Thinkers, Journals, and Blogs (along with Party and Policy Views) by
Richard T. Ely: The Confederate Flag of the AEA? by
Economic Enlightenment Revisited: New Results Again Find Little Relationship Between Education and Economic Enlightenment but Vitiate Prior Evidence of the Left Being Worse by
Remarks from 1809 by Dupont de Nemours on Adam Smith by
Translated by Frederic Sautet
An Award for Calling the Crash by

Table of Contents January 2011
Unfortunately Unfamiliar with Robert Higgs and Others: A Rejoinder to Gauti Eggertsson on the 1930s by
Constraints on Housing Supply: Natural and Regulatory by
Dropping the Geographic-Constraints Variable Makes Only a Minor Difference: Reply to Cox by
Troubling Research on Troubled Assets: Charles Zheng on the U.S. Toxic Asset Auction Plan by
Growth Accelerations Revisited by
Advanced Placement Economics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by
The Ideological Profile of Harvard University Press: Categorizing 494 Books Published 2000-2010 by
The Never to Be Forgotten Hutcheson: Excerpts from W.R. Scott by