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The voice of Econ Journal Watch

Lawrence H. White, the voice of EJW Audio The host of EJW Audio is Lawrence H. White, a co-editor of EJW and professor of economics at George Mason University.

In a typical EJW Audio podcast, Professor White and the author of a recent EJW article discuss that article and related issues.

Phil Coelho and Jim McClure on the Market for Lemmas

Phil Coelho and Jim McClure discuss their research published in EJW (Link to Article) and elsewhere showing that top journal papers containing lemmas—intermediate steps in a lengthy proof—are rarely cited by other economists and almost never yield testable propositions. Following Alfred Marshall and Donald F. Gordon, Coelho and McClure argue that longer chains of mathematical reasoning generally have less relevance to understanding real-world economic phenomena.

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Christopher Martin on Adam Smith and Liberal Economics

Drawing on his EJW article, Christopher Martin discusses Emma Rothschild’s influential article “Adam Smith and Conservative Economics,” which treats of a parliamentary debate in 1795–96 as giving rise to two contrasting images of Adam Smith. Martin questions the contrast that Rothschild draws, and recurs to the original debate between William Pitt and Samuel Whitbread, as well as to Smith’s own texts.

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Shirley Svorny on Medical Licensing

Shirley Svorny explains how regulations on the practice of medicine raise costs and restrict access to care. The podcast starts with a discussion of economists’ views on licensing, as summarized in the paper Svorny wrote for EJW, “Licensing Doctors: Do Economists Agree?” (Link to Article)

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Tawni Ferrarini on Advanced Placement Economics

Tawni Ferrarini discusses her paper with James Gwartney and John Morton studying the content of AP® Economics: “Advanced Placement Economics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (link). The paper and podcast offer constructive criticism for revising the content of the AP Economics materials. Parents, students, and educators involved in AP Economics will profit from the critique.

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W. R. Allen on UCLA Economics

W. R. Allen tells the story of the UCLA economics department and the distinctive community of scholarship that developed there. The podcast summarizes the memoir Allen has penned for EJW, “A Life Among the Econ, Particularly at UCLA” (Link to Article).

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