Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Sounds of Silence

Critiques published in EJW often focus on particular works or doings. In such cases, we invariably invite the commented-on parties to reply.

In the table below, column A lists authors of critiques. The hyperlinks take you to the critique.

In column B are listed individuals who probably should have replied to the critique, but didn’t. (It’s never too late—the invitation remains open.)

Daniel Klein

Table of EJW articles unanswered
  A B
Issue Commenting Author Parties Invited to Reply
1(1) Jane Shaw

Paul Collier & Jan Willem Gunning

1(2) Susan Anderson & Peter Boettke

Journal of Economic Development editors Pranab Bardhan, Mark R. Rosenzweig & Carlos Vegh

1(2) Peter Gordon & Lanlan Wang

Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silances, Andrei Shleifer & Robert Vishny

1(3) Peter Minowitz

William D. Grampp

1(3) James Forder

Alan Blinder

1(3) Fabio Rojas

George Akerlof & Rachel Kranton

2(2) Richard H. Timberlake

Barry Eichengreen & Peter Temin

3(3) Klein & Clark

Joseph Farrell, Jonathan Gruber & Gordon Hanson

4(1) Coyne & Davies

Kris James Mitchener & Marc Weidenmier; Niall Ferguson & Moritz Schularick

4(2) Blankart & Koester

Daron Acemoglu; (Torsten Persson & Guido Tabellini were invited to reply, and they pointed to their response to the same authors' criticism in Kyklos 2006.)

4(2) Klein & Romero

Journal of Economic Theory editors Jess Benhabib, Alessandro Lizzeri, and Karl Shell

4(2) Ian Vasquez

Anne Krueger

4(3) B.D. McCullough

Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking editors Pok-Sang Lam, Deborah Lucas, Masao Ogaki & Kenneth D. West

7(2) Dimitris Hatzinikolaou

Athanasia Mavrommati and Athanasios Papadopoulos

8(1) Linus Wilson

Charles Zheng

8(2) Christopher Martin

Emma Rothschild