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Table of Contents December 2004
Adam Smith’s Invisible Hands by
“Credibility” in Context: Do Central Bankers and Economists Interpret the Term Differently? by
Identity and Politics in School Reform Research by
Fashion Cycles in Economics by , , and
Response to “Fashion Cycles in Economics” by
Rate of Economic Growth, Level of Development, and Income Inequality: Rejoinder to the Reply by Edwards and McGuirk by and
Scholasticism versus Pietism: The Battle for the Soul of Economics by
The National Research Council Ranking of Research Universities: Its Impact on Research in Economics by
Economics Without Entrepreneurship or Institutions: A Vocabulary Analysis of Graduate Textbooks by
Correspondence December 2004 by , , , and
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Table of Contents August 2004
Does Economic Performance Correlate with Big Government? by and
Kuznets Curveball: Missing the Regional Strike Zone by and
Response to Edwards and McGuirk: Income Level, Economic Growth, and Inequality: Flawed Methodology and Inaccurate Inference by and
Reply to Chang and Ram: Statistical Adequacy and the Reliability of Inference by and
Statist Quo Bias by
Response to Klein by
Reply to Sunstein by
Rejoinder to De Alessi by
Licensing Doctors: Do Economists Agree? by
The Development Set: The Character of the Journal of Development Economics 2002 by and
Institutional Ties of Journal of Development Economics Authors and Editors by and
Size Matters: The Standard Error of Regressions in the American Economic Review by and
Preference Falsification in the Economics Profession by
Learning to Lose a Leg: Casualties of PhD Economics Training in Stockholm by , , , and
Correspondence August 2004 by
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Table of Contents April 2004
Foreword by
Overlooking the Obvious in Africa by
How to Get Real About Organs by
Response to Tabarrok by and
Reply to Byrne and Thompson by
Stock Market Efficiency Withstands Another Challenge: Solving the “Sell in May/Buy after Halloween” Puzzle by and
An Ivory-Tower Take on the Ivory Trade by
Response to De Alessi by
Reply to Kremer by
Postal Reform by
Prohibition vs. Legalization: Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Drug Policy? by
Agricultural Economists and the State by
The Social Science Citation Index: A Black Box—with an Ideological Bias? by and
Citation Counts and SSCI in Personnel Decisions: A Survey of Economics Departments by and
In Sweden, Anti-Globalizationists Dominate Public Discourse, Econ Profs Do Little by and
Ken Kam and Market Efficiency by