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Table of Contents September 2008
The Debate on Shall-Issue Laws by and
Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Subsidies for Sports Franchises, Stadiums, and Mega-Events? by and
Colleagues, Where Is the Market Failure? Economists on the FDA by
The Curtailment of Critical Commentary in Australian Economics by , , and
The Present State of Economic Science by
Toward a Public and Professional Identity for Our Economics by
Uncovering the Costs of the Iraq War by
Correspondence September 2008 by
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Table of Contents May 2008
The Soviet Economic Decline Revisited by
Reply to Brendan Beare by and
The Diluted Economics of Casinos and Crime: A Rejoinder to Grinols and Mustard’s Reply by
Connecting Casinos and Crime: More Corrections of Walker by and
Smoking in Restaurants: Rejoinder to Alamar and Glantz by
Externalities in the Workplace: A Response to a Rejoinder to a Response to a Response to a Paper by and
Reaching the Top? On Gender Balance in the Economics Profession by and
On Gender Balance in the Economics Profession by
Mr. Max and the Substantial Errors of Manly Economics by
Diversity in Tastes, Values, and Preferences: Comment on Jonung and Ståhlberg by
Preferences Underlying Women’s Choices in Academic Economics by
What Is the Right Number of Women? Hints and Puzzles from Cognitive Ability Research by
Honestly, Who Else Would Fund Such Research? Reflections of a Non-Smoking Scholar by
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Table of Contents January 2008
Foreword: Editor’s Report January 2008
Do Casinos Really Cause Crime? by
Correctly Critiquing Casino-Crime Causality by and
Highway Penetration of Central Cities: Not a Major Cause of Suburbanization by , , and
Reply to Cox, Gordon, and Redfearn’s Comment on “Did Highways Cause Suburbanization?” by
Growth Accelerations and Regime Changes: A Correction by and
The EITC Disincentive: A Reply to Dr. Hilary Hoynes by
Gulphs in Mankind’s Career of Prosperity: A Critique of Adam Smith on Interest Rate Restrictions by
The Market for Lemmas: Evidence That Complex Models Rarely Operate in Our World by and
“Theory” and “Models”: Terminology Through the Looking Glass by and
Left Out: A Critique of Paul Krugman Based on a Comprehensive Account of His New York Times Columns, 1997 through 2006 by and