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Table of Contents September 2017
Shy of the Character Limit: “Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market” Revisited by and
Who Knows What Willingness to Pay Lurks in the Hearts of Men? A Rejoinder to Egan, Corrigan, and Dwyer by
Anti-Liberal Narratives About Iceland, 1991–2017 by
From Political Advocacy to ‘Alternative Facts’: A Comment on Hannes Gissurarson’s Method by
Lectures on Domestic Policy by
Glimpses of David Hume edited by
An Economic Dream by
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Table of Contents May 2017
The Chang-Kim-Park Model of Cointegrated Density-Valued Time Series Cannot Accommodate a Stochastic Trend by
The War on Cash: A Review of Kenneth Rogoff’s The Curse of Cash by
Response to Jeffrey Rogers Hummel’s Review of The Curse of Cash by
Responding to Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf’s Attempted Defense of Their Piracy Paper by
Economics Doctoral Programs Still Elide Entrepreneurship by and
Classical Liberalism in China: Some History and Prospects by , , and
Liberalism in Iceland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by
My Most Regretted Statements: A Symposium Prologue by
My Most Regretted Statements: Canada as a Welfare State by
Fewer Than Sinatra: Three Quasi-Regrets by
My Biggest Regret by
My Most Regretted Statements by
My Methodological Flip-Flop on Individual Liberty by
An Economist’s Most Regrettable Statement by
The Statements I Most Regret by
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Table of Contents January 2017
In Memoriam: Thomas Schelling
Examination of Dr Smith’s System by
Classical Liberalism in Italian Economic Thought, from the Time of Unification by
Faculty Voter Registration: Rectifying the Omission of Two Florida Universities by , , and
Econ 101 Morality: The Amiable, the Mundane, and the Market by and
“Stop This Greed”: The Tax-Avoidance Political Campaign in the OECD and Australia by and
Propagandistic Research and the U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency in Ordinary Life and Renewables in Electricity Production by
Slip and Drift in Labor Statistics Since 2007 by