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Table of Contents September 2018
And the IMF Said, Let There Be Data, and There Was Data: Private Capital Stocks in the Eastern Bloc by and
Hayek’s Divorce and Move to Chicago by
Icelandic Liberalism and Its Critics: A Rejoinder to Stefan Olafsson by
Adam Smith and His Russian Admirers of the Eighteenth Century by
Eugene F. Fama [Ideological Profiles of the Economics Laureates] by
Lars Peter Hansen [Ideological Profiles of the Economics Laureates] by
Information for the Hair Dressers in Edinburgh; Against the Incorporation of Barbers—The Second Edition by
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Table of Contents May 2018
Are Graphic Warning Labels Stopping Millions of Smokers? A Comment on Huang, Chaloupka, and Fong by , , , and
Reconsidering Colonial Maryland’s Bills of Credit 1767–1775 by
Colonial Maryland’s Post-1764 Paper Money: A Reply to Ron Michener by
Economic Liberalism in Peru by
Dissing The Theory of Moral Sentiments: Twenty-Six Critics, from 1765 to 1949 by
The Educational Benefits of Obscurity: Pedagogical Esotericism by
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Table of Contents January 2018
Editor’s Notes: Acknowledgments 2016–17
Professional Ethics 101: A Reply to Anne Krueger’s Review of The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics by and
The Progressive Legacy Rolls On: A Critique of Steinbaum and Weisberger on Illiberal Reformers by
Will the Real Specification Please Stand Up? A Comment on Andrew Bird and Stephen Karolyi by
Response to Alex Young by and
The Impact of Right-to-Carry Laws: A Critique of the 2014 Version of Aneja, Donohue, and Zhang by and
More Gun Carrying, More Violent Crime by
Liberalism in Ukraine by and
Liberalism in Ecuador by , , and