Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

A Coming Bounty of Academic Mutinies?


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This essay comments on the article by Eva Forslund and Magnus Henrekson about the use of English. Translation is a more pervasive effort than Forslund and Henrekson assume, and could indeed be seen as an essential part of teaching. Translation is a creative effort indigenous in the job of making ideas and concepts understandable to students. Yet Forslund and Henrekson deal with a real problem, which is a growing homogenization propelled by ‘Economese’ and the over-reliance on top journals. This homogenization of ideas is a risk connected with the globalized sciences (social sciences included) we know today and should be mitigated with increased competition.

This article is a comment on The Virtues of Native Discourse: Striking a Balance Between English and the Native Language by Eva Forslund and Magnus Henrekson (EJW, September 2022).