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Beyond Race Cards in America’s Pastime: An Appreciative Reply to Findlay and Santos


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In this reply, I salute the correction, replication, and extensions carried out by David Findlay and John Santos (2012) based on my jointly authored paper Hewitt, Muñoz, Oliver, and Regoli (2005). I expound briefly on why, even though we and they have found no statistically significant race-discrimination effect in baseball card prices, we should not be quick to diminish the role of racial thinking and racial preference—especially as the sample was restricted to Hall of Famers.

This article is a response to Race, Ethnicity, and Baseball Card Prices: A Replication, Correction, and Extension of Hewitt, Muñoz, Oliver, and Regoli by David W. Findlay and John M. Santos (EJW, May 2012).