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Response to Gamino

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We show that Gamino based his comment on an analysis that is biased despite extensive discussion in our original paper about the issues that cause this bias. Moreover, his placebo analysis contradicts his main analysis and provides evidence consistent with our paper. We also point out that his justification for changing our model was based on his misunderstanding of another of our papers. Lastly, his critiques are inconsistent with his own work on the topic, where he used similar techniques to ours. In sum, there is nothing new we learned from his analysis, and our main results are valid.

This article is a response to Health Insurance Mandates and the Marriage of Young Adults: A Comment on Barkowski and McLaughlin by Aaron M. Gamino (EJW, March 2023).

Response to this article by Aaron M. Gamino: Rejoinder to Barkowski and McLaughlin (EJW, September 2023).