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The Environmental Economy of the Soviet Famine in Ukraine in 1933: A Critique of Several Papers by Natalya Naumenko


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This paper critiques a 2021 article and two other papers by the economist Natalya Naumenko (and in one case two collaborators) that attempt to analyze the causes of famine mortality in Ukraine in the Soviet famine of 1932–1933. It shows that Naumenko’s work contained significant omissions and misrepresentations of crucial evidence and my own publications, and incorrect descriptions of that period’s history, including statistical evidence, the environmental-agricultural disasters of 1931–1932, and the character and effects of Soviet policies regarding peasant trade and collectivization. It also addresses her inconsistent assertions regarding whether the Soviet regime intentionally imposed the famine on Ukrainians.

Response to this article by Natalya Naumenko: Response to Professor Tauger’s Comments (EJW, September 2023).