Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Anya McGuirk

The bio below comes from a published article and may now be dated.

Anya McGuirk is a full professor at Virginia Tech. She holds a joint appointment with the Departments of Statistics, and Agricultural and Applied Economics. Her primary areas of research are applied econometrics and microeconomics. Her most recent works include studies of the restrictions imposed when modeling error autocorrelation and the nature of the implications of multicollinearity in regression analysis. McGuirk also teaches econometrics and microeconomic theory at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Anya obtained her MSc. as a Marshall Scholar at the University of Reading, England. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University and her dissertation, “Technological Change and Agricultural Growth in Punjab, India,” received the AAEA Outstanding Dissertation Award (1989). While McGuirk enjoys her research and teaching, her real loves are fly-fishing and family.