Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Hannes H. Gissurarson

The bio below comes from a published article and may now be dated.

Hannes H. Gissurarson, born in 1953, holds a B.A. in philosophy and history and a cand. mag. [M.A.] in history from the University of Iceland, and a D.Phil. in politics from the University of Oxford. The author of more than fifteen books on politics, history and current affairs, in English, Swedish, and Icelandic, he is professor emeritus at the University of Iceland. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, at UCLA, at LUISS in Rome, and at several other universities. In 1998–2004 he served on the board of the Mont Pelerin Society and in 2001–2009 on the board of overseers of the Central Bank of Iceland. He is director of academic studies at an Icelandic think tank, RNH (link), Rannsoknarsetur um nyskopun og hagvoxt (Research Centre on Innovation and Economic Growth). His email address is hannesgi@​