Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Margaret M. Byrne

The bio below comes from a published article and may now be dated.

Margaret M. Byrne is a health economist in the Department of Medicine’s Division of General Internal Medicine, and is affiliated faculty at the Center for Bioethics and Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her doctorate in economics from University of Florida. Her health services research studies have included utility and preference elicitation in prostate cancer and osteoarthritis treatment, cost analyses, racial disparities in health care, organization and outcomes in health care delivery system, and disease-burden based resource allocation methodologies. She has written a number of papers using theoretical economic modeling to explore end-of-life treatment decisions, organ donation decisions, screening and prevention effort and the use of financial incentives in health care. Recently, she has conducted philosophical research on the ethics of the use of financial incentives in affecting health care consumer behavior. Her email address is: