Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Tawni H. Ferrarini

The bio below comes from a published article and may now be dated.

Tawni H. Ferrarini is the Sam M. Cohodas Professor and the Director of the Center for Economic Education and Entre­preneurship at Northern Michigan University. She was the inaugural recipient of the National Association of Economic Educators’ Abbejean Kehler Award and received the 2009 Michigan Economic Educator of the Year Award and an NMU Distinguished Faculty Award. Her work for the Council for Economic Education and reputation as a workshop leader on both the use of technology in the classroom and the integration of economics and American history helped her earn these awards. She publishes in economic education, technology, and education journals on how to effectively employ technology and to successfully motivate the current generation of students. She is co-author of Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity, 2nd edition (St. Martin’s Press, 2010), contributes to and writes op-eds for newspapers on economic education, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. Dr. Ferrarini earned her doctorate in economics from Washington University, where she studied under 1993 Nobel laureate Douglass C. North. Her email is