Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to contact an editor with manuscripts or ideas for comments and papers.

Submissions must be made electronically, either in Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) or OpenDocument (.odt) format. The editors will actively edit for clarity and plain language.

Peer Review

EJW articles are categorized into thematic sections. Articles published in EJW are externally reviewed and must be approved by two journal editors, with these exceptions:

  • Articles published in the Watchpad section must be approved by two editors but may not be externally reviewed.
  • Individually invited symposium contributions are generally not externally reviewed. Two editors must approve an initial plan for any symposium, but if contributions are solicited by individual invitation then editorial review tends to be accommodating. Symposia may appear in any section of the journal.
In the Comments section, the editors may decide to publish an entire exchange—meaning a comment plus response(s) from the commented-on author(s)—even when one or more parts of the exchange might not by themselves merit publication. Readers are encouraged to read and assess exchanges in their entirety.

EJW material is typically brought to a state of tentative acceptance prior to being sent out for external review. The result is that most material that is externally refereed gets published. Sometimes referees lead the editors to reverse their provisional acceptance, but usually they lead the editors to ask for improvements in the paper.

Indexing of EJW is listed on the About page.

Quick Initial Reaction

Within two weeks of submission, an editor will give an initial reaction to the author. Usually within one week. An initial reaction may be just a tentative “interesting, let us look more closely and ponder it.”

For a declined submission we do not promise to provide an account of our reasons. But we will provide an initial reaction within two weeks, usually within one.

Go Ahead, Hit Us with an Idea

As long as you can convey it clearly we will be happy to have a look-see and react swiftly, often suggesting a conversation by phone.

Call for Ideological Diversity

We are liberal but welcome proposals and submissions of diverse viewpoints, particularly for the Comments section. Please consider EJW as a possible forum for criticizing pro-liberalization articles, particularly if they appear in prestigious journals.