Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2009

In this issue:

The Race between Education and Technology is the title of a new book by Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz. In a review essay, Arnold Kling and John Merrifield hail the book for its formulation of the problem and theoretical core, but find ideological distortions in the execution, diagnosis, and prescriptions.

Are the most capable women and the most capable men equally capable? Previously, Garett Jones, John Johnson, and Catherine Hakim questioned Christina Jonung’s and Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg’s call for more women in economics. Now Jonung and Ståhlberg respond.

Guns-crime ricochet: Ian Ayres and John Donohue reply to Carlisle Moody and Thomas Marvell.

Bandwagon zigzag: Micha Gisser, James McClure, Giray Ökten, and Gary Santoni investigate the upward-sloping segment of Gary Becker’s (1991) bandwagon demand.

Eviction notice: Blair Jenkins reviews an Econlit-based sample of articles on rent control.

Desperately seeking Smithians: Dan Klein’s questionnaire finds some takers, including Peter Boettke, Bryan Caplan, David Henderson, Steven Horwitz, Deirdre McCloskey, Thomas Mayer, Robert Nelson, Edward Prescott, Colin Robinson, Richard Timberlake, Robert Tollison, and Leland Yeager.

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