Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2011

In this issue:

Channeling Robert Higgs: Steven Horwitz replies to Gauti Eggertsson on the Great Depression.

Advanced Placement® Economics: What Kind of Economics Do High Schoolers Get? Tawni Ferrarini, James Gwartney, and John Morton investigate.

Housing Supply Constraints, Natural and Regulatory, by Wendell Cox; with a Reply by Haifang Huang and Yao Tang

Troubling Research on Troubled Assets
Linus Wilson reports.

Growth Accelerations Revisited: With errors corrected and data extended, previous results prove fragile—Guo Xu reports.

The Ideological Profile of Harvard University Press: David Gordon categorizes 494 books published 2000–2010.

The Never to Be Forgotten Hutcheson: Excerpts from W. R. Scott (1900)

EJW Audio: Advanced Placement® Economics: Tawni Ferrarini discusses the importance of AP Economics and unsatisfactory aspects of its content.

EJW Audio: The role of economists in ending the draft: Noble efforts recounted by David R. Henderson.

News update: New survey on economic enlightenment fielded, results coming in May 2011. Read more

Call for Papers: EJW fosters open exchange. We welcome proposals and submissions of diverse viewpoints.

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