Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Invitation to Critics of Buturovic-Klein on Economic Enlightenment

By Zeljka Buturovic and Daniel Klein

We invite the submission of criticism of our May 2010 EJW piece on economic enlightenment and the follow-up 8 June op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Below we link to 11 criticisms found on the web. We have tried to send an email to those critics, alerting them to our interest in submitting a critical comment of 200-1000 words to Econ Journal Watch. The exchange will be handled by EJW managing editor Kevin Rollins, who will let invited critics say what they like, within the word limit. Submissions of comments to this exchange should be sent to Rollins at the following email address by 31 July 2010: Comments will appear along with our response in a future issue of Econ Journal Watch—we hope in the September 2010 issue.

The exchange is to “stand alone.” Critics should not assume that readers have read their critical posts elsewhere. Reproduce the points you think most important. Don’t worry about making points that are likely to be made also by other participants in the exchange – coverage, not parsimony, is paramount.

Submissions from others are also welcome, but priority will be given to those specifically invited (including all those listed below).

By the way, we intend to look into the possibility of conducting another survey, to include several questions specifically challenging policy views of conservatives and/or libertarians. We welcome suggestions for such questions.

11 Critics of Buturovic-Klein (all of whom are invited to submit critical commentary)

Many other criticisms appeared, but we believe that this set adequately covers the range of points made against our work.

11 critics listed alphabetically by last name:

CriticVenue and linkDate
1Stephen BainbridgeProfessorBainbridge8 June
2Bruce BartlettCapital Gains and Games8 June
3Jonathan ChaitThe New Republic blog8 June
4Rod HillThe Economics Anti-Textbook12 May
5E.D. KainThe Washington Examiner (and SF Exam.)9 June
6Daniel KuehnFacts and Other Stubborn Things9 May
7”Citizen Rat”Daily Kos10 June
8David RuccioAnticap.com10 May
9Nate SilverFiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right8 June
10Roger WilliamsElephant Journal/Desert Standard13 June
11John K. WilsonDaily Kos11 June