Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

What are your most underappreciated works?

Updated 11 Aug 2023

An invitation to social-science/humanities scholars with 4k+ Google Scholar citations

Deadline for new contributions: September 15, 2023.

At a scholar’s Scholar Profile page at Google Scholar—for example this one for Angus Deaton—one finds a list of the scholar’s publications, the citation count for each, and the scholar’s h-index. The h-index is the largest number h such that h publications have at least h citations.

If you are a scholar working primarily in the social sciences and/or humanities with at least 4000 Google Scholar citations, we hereby invite you to identify one or two publications with publication date 2012 or prior, and for which the count is lower than your present h-index, that you consider underappreciated. It is OK that the publication is coauthored.

Important: Do not include a publication that was incorporated into any other publication that is above your h-index, such as an article subsequently incorporated into a book.

We encourage you to remark briefly on why you select the publication, and to provide a link to it. However, your entire contribution, including the referenced item(s) should be no more than 200 words.

We published a first tranche of contributions in the September 2022 issue of EJW.

To participate: Consult your own Google Scholar page, check your h-index, and email your contribution by September 15, 2023, as a Word file attachment, to EJW Managing Editor Jason Briggeman at Write to Briggeman with any questions. Thank you!

We believe that this project will be useful, first, because the scholar herself is likely to be a good judge of what work of hers is underappreciated and therefore this project will alert people to works worthy of greater attention, and, second, because the selection she makes here will inform understandings of that scholar herself.

By the way, we encourage a version of this project for hard-science researchers. An organizer of such would probably want to increase the citation-count requirement.