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Increased coverage of occupational licensing in labor economics textbooks

published Jul 2013 in News & Press

…Stephenson discusses the 2009 EJW article “Occupational Licensing: Scant Treatment in Labor Texts” that he … of the three textbooks that previously neglected occupational licensing were Fundamentals of Labor Economics (by Thomas … note that they have “[a]dded the topic of occupational licensing” and explain that “Occupational … The Borjas book has also added coverage of occupational licensing. The text’s current edition includes … occupational licensing as one of its “Theory at Work” …

Does Occupational Licensing Deserve Our Approval? A Review of Work by Morris Kleiner

published Sep 2014 in Archive

…by raising the cost of entering the occupation, occupational licensing shifts up the supply curve of the services … falls and the price of its services rises. Occupational licensing usually is defended with appeal to this … One should think, therefore, that the demand for occupational licensing would typically originate with buyers of the … buyers. In fact, however, more often than not occupational licensing has originated from those practicing the … sincerely so. But given the likely impacts of occupational licensing—reduction in the number of competitors in …