Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics

Sounds of Silence

Critiques published in EJW often focus on particular works or doings. In such cases, we invariably invite the commented-on parties to reply.

In the table below, column A lists authors of critiques. The hyperlinks take you to the critique.

In column B are listed individuals who probably should have replied to the critique, but didn’t. (It’s never too late—the invitation remains open.)

Daniel Klein

Table of EJW articles unanswered
  A B
Issue Commenting Author Parties Invited to Reply
19(2) Barker

Riccardo Colacito, Bridget Hoffmann, and Toan Phan

19(2) Magness and Carden

Sandy Darity, M'Balou Camara, and Nancy MacLean

19(1) Weissman

Cole Walsh, Martin M. Stein, Ryan Tapping, Emily M. Smith, and N. G. Holmes; Nicholas T. Young and Marcos D. Caballero; Mike Verostek, Casey W. Miller, and Benjamin Zwickl

19(1) Walker

Dan Amiram, Zahn Bozanic, and Ethan Rouen

19(1) Magness and Janaskie

Quinn Slobodian

19(1) Briggeman

Louis Putterman, David Weil, Oana Borcan, and Ola Olsson

19(1) Hall

Paul Sagar

14(3) Lachanski and Pav

Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, and Xiaojun Zeng

14(2) Beare

Yoosoon Chang, Chang Sik Kim, and Joon Y. Park

13(3) Liebowitz

Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf replied in another journal, and Liebowitz rejoined in EJW 14(2).

11(3) Dragan Ilić

Shamena Anwar and Hanming Fang

8(2) Christopher Martin

Emma Rothschild

8(1) Linus Wilson

Charles Zheng

7(2) Dimitris Hatzinikolaou

Athanasia Mavrommati and Athanasios Papadopoulos

4(3) B.D. McCullough

Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking editors Pok-Sang Lam, Deborah Lucas, Masao Ogaki & Kenneth D. West

4(2) Blankart & Koester

Daron Acemoglu; (Torsten Persson & Guido Tabellini were invited to reply, and they pointed to their response to the same authors' criticism in Kyklos 2006.)

4(2) Ian Vasquez

Anne Krueger

4(2) Klein & Romero

Journal of Economic Theory editors Jess Benhabib, Alessandro Lizzeri, and Karl Shell

4(1) Coyne & Davies

Kris James Mitchener & Marc Weidenmier; Niall Ferguson & Moritz Schularick

3(3) Klein & Clark

Joseph Farrell, Jonathan Gruber & Gordon Hanson

2(2) Richard H. Timberlake

Barry Eichengreen & Peter Temin

1(3) Peter Minowitz

William D. Grampp

1(3) James Forder

Alan Blinder

1(3) Fabio Rojas

George Akerlof & Rachel Kranton

1(2) Peter Gordon & Lanlan Wang

Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silances, Andrei Shleifer & Robert Vishny

1(2) Susan Anderson & Peter Boettke

Journal of Economic Development editors Pranab Bardhan, Mark R. Rosenzweig & Carlos Vegh

1(1) Jane Shaw

Paul Collier & Jan Willem Gunning